• A specialty finance company focused
    on insurance-linked transactions.

  • As an advisor to advisors, the Opus team
    offers multiple decades of diverse structured
    finance, legal, and insurance
    expertise to our clients.

  • Working with clients around the world,
    we provide bespoke financing
    solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs.

  • Our institutional network of commercial and
    investment banks as well as law firms allows us to
    bring best in-class opportunities to our clients

What We Offer

  • Wide-variety of proven solutions for our clients
  • Flexible due to our size and relationships
  • Partnerships with some of the top firms in the world
  • No outside investors or mandates besides our clients
  • Proprietary products designed specifically for high-net worth clients
  • Longer-term capital for long-term life-insurance plans
  • Straight-forward and proven process
  • Institutional capital markets pricing
  • Transparency
  • Fixed costs

Our Solution

Life-insurance is an important financial tool for high-net-worth individuals and businesses. That’s why intelligently using leverage to create liquidity alternatives when funding life-insurance can further enhance the benefits of these useful life-insurance products. 

The Opus Life-Insurance lending program is an innovative approach to premium finance that is relatively new to the industry.  

Its purpose is to provide attractive borrowing opportunities for clients with the primary goal of preserving liquidity.

Sophisticated Approach. Reliable Outcomes.






How We Differ

Our process includes working with high-caliber advisors, and their clients, and designing as well as sourcing the best possible financing structure for their specific needs.

We bring a full-service partnership approach to the life-insurance lending industry.

We commit 100% of our team’s intellectual capital to every transaction to ensure the best outcomes for our partners.

Not only do we team up with advisors for the long-term, but we do our utmost to set up their clients for long-term success. 

We help navigate complex capital markets every step of the way.  

Our clients benefit from lower-cost capital solutions than are typically seen in the premium finance industry.

Our structure not only extends traditional payment terms but also creates a defined risk for clients. 

This ultimately brings a more measured approach to premium finance than our competitors.

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